Dotty View: Good Romans

Occasionally, I stumble upon music which I find impossible to review in the traditional sense. All I can do for Good Romans new album, “Open This Door, Never Look Back”, is tell you precisely what came to mind when I was listening to it. There are no opinions, no recommendations, no advice to not touch this music with a barge pole, I’m simply telling you where my mind went…


Ode For Spar: I’m wandering aimlessly through underground tunnels, finally emerging to bright sunlight hitting a tree surrounded lake.

“It’s Just That… I Don’t Love You Anymore”: Suddenly, I’m immersed into a pool of confusion. I’m completely disorientated, and there’s no way out.

“Terrestrial Party”: I have become the lead character in the Silent Hill game.

“Smiling No”: There is a jungle within a concrete jungle. People are rushing, but everything is appearing to me in slow motion.

“Sejm”: On a tightrope over a canyon, I attempt to traverse. I hold my breath the entire distance, taking deliberate steps, and experiencing frightening moments where I think I will topple to my demise.

“Moha Rave”: This is where parrots go to dance. They can be as loud and theatrical as they wish.

Album back cover Good Romans

“Hardanger”: Thousands of people in an abandoned factory, waiting for someone to come to them. Anyone. No-one speaks.

“Alma Mater”: Winter has arrived, people are skating on lakes for fun, and others are frantically trying to get to their destinations through the harsh air, which is freezing directly onto their skin.

“Open This Door, Never Look Back”: From Winter, we are taken directly into Spring – the rising of the sun early in the morning, the opening of the petals of Tulips, the continuous drone of buzzing insects, and doors being flung open to receive the beauty of the day to follow.

Do you recall me saying “no recommendations”? Well, I told a little fib. Pop a few pounds in Good Romans’ direction, and see where their music takes you.

Contact Good Romans here:


Finnish Explosions





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