Dotty View: Soviet Films

Fenlanders Soviet Films have just received their debut album, Victory Songs. So far in their (albeit short) musical career, this band has been described as ‘Prog-Grunge Weirdness’ and ‘Post-Punk, Art-Rock, Hamster-Destroying Epicness’ (I do hope no animals were actually harmed during the making of this record). I think they just mean it’s “Very bloody loud”! As the band themselves say, get ready to rokyorsoksov…!


Listening to the album, it’s an interesting mix of shoutiness, melodies and crunchy guitar noises, punctuated by intelligently placed, intriguing drum beats, and all important absences of sound.

The song from the album that demonstrates this at its best is Last Request:



It’s a song that builds layer upon layer, teases a third of the way through when it suddenly cuts off, then comes back in with a crazy, rhythmic, heady rush of guitar and drums. There aren’t many vocals throughout this song, but those present work alongside the music so well, especially when it’s a tad more “shouty”

Another favourite of mine is Scavengers – have a listen:



It’s actually superb. Some songs are growers. This isn’t one – it arrived already fully developed and ready to interact with my ears!

soviet films

Soviet Films recently had a gig at what is quite possibly the smallest venue I have ever been to (see above) – Voodoo Lounge at Mama Liz’s in Stamford, Lincolnshire. I’m quite frankly amazed that the place still has a roof! I’m also gutted I wasn’t aware of the gig, as I’d definitely have been there! I’m certain that there will be more gigs in the pipeline very soon. Can’t wait to be rokinmysoksov!

Grab Victory Songs on bandcamp, and connect with Soviet Films on facebook.


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