Dotty View: Man Goes Human

I’m about to introduce you to a band who are stretching their boundaries, pushing themselves to the limit and producing truly innovative, progressive music.

I’d love to be able to tell you a ton of information about them, but all I know is that they hail from Delhi, India, and are singing, playing and gigging their hearts out in a bid to break into the world of music.

How they made it to little old me in a sleepy town in middle England, I don’t know, but here they are.


Man Goes Human.

They’re a mysterious lot – I don’t know which member of the band does what, and they’ve only shared two of their songs with the internet world!

First up, Leave Me or Love Me is completely experimental – a mix of prog rock guitar, jazz like bass and drums, and bizarre sections of sensual vs shouty vocals interspersed with strange sound effects. Quite an odd tune – I’m not keen on the shouty singing, but nevertheless it’s left me interested in hearing more!

The band have now released their first single, Fading:

This is an entirely more mature song, with much improved vocals (the female vocal is absolutely superb – dreamy!) and a format which works musically. It all fits in a pleasing way, and I can see now where they want to go, rather than hearing a mish-mash of different styles. Don’t get me wrong, experimenting is no bad thing, I simply prefer when mixed genres slot in well with each other without the need for extra musical glue.


Man Goes Human are accessible as a band, having a pretty heavy online presence. I’m hoping they’ll make more of their music available to listen to, and that they won’t leave it too long before releasing an EP.

Listen to and contact the band here:





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