Dotty View: Land Lovers & Windings

Dublin band Land Lovers and Limerick based band Windings have joined forces to release a special double A side album, courtesy of Popical Island and Out on a Limb Records. It’s due out on 28th February, and will precede a joint tour within Ireland.


When released, the Land Lovers/Windings album will be available both digitally and as 12” vinyl, with modern artwork by Bronwyn Murphy-White, which is evocative of the artwork on The Farm’s Spartacus (which, if you’ve not heard it, is an absolutely brilliant album, but I digress!). You can pre-order on bandcamp.

I’ve been lucky enough to hear two tracks from this forthcoming album…


“Neverwood” by Windings is the band’s first single since their 2012 album, “I Am Not the Crow”. I really like the upbeat turn it takes, and it has an almost prog rock feel in places, which is right up my street. It’s quite different to most of the songs on the last album, which were quite indie with an occasional punk twist, sometimes slightly folk, in style. I wonder if this new song is a teaser for how their next album will sound.

Get in touch with Windings and grab their tunes:







Land Lovers’ song for the double A side is Vittima di Cucina, which for me is the stronger of the two tracks. It’s got a fab 90s indie kind of feel – I’m thinking of Teenage Fanclub and The Farm mixed together, and it works. It’s an incredibly catchy tune, a definite foot tapper, and it’s stuck in my head! I can’t wait for BBC 6 Music to get its hands on it! Their last album, Confidants, had quite a similar feel, occasionally reminding me of The Divine Comedy. Full of catchy, yet far from irritating, tunes, this band will go far, I reckon!

Contact Land Lovers and buy their music:






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