Dotty View: Gordon’s Alive!

Glaswegian 3 piece Gordon’s Alive! are, as they say themselves, all about the rawk!

gordon's alive 1

Vocals on a range somewhere between those of Axl Rose and Chris Cornell, crashing cymbals, cranked up, sometimes piercing guitars… this is a proper rock band – they even stick in a guitar solo or two!

Personally, I’m not keen on this band lyrically – for me, it’s all a bit 80s. Songs about women driving men crazy aren’t really ground breaking, in my opinion. Their stronger moments appear during songs like Strange Days – it’s quite Beck in places, and that provides a different dimension to an otherwise traditional sounding rock song. However, and I rarely say this, but I think it would be improved if the band reined it in a bit – less can definitely be more.

Fair play, though, this band are getting loads of gigs, and radio airplay is starting to happen for them. There’s a definite group of people who will love this music, it just doesn’t really appeal to me that much, that’s all.

gordon's alive 2

If you’re in Glasgow on 13th February, nip along to Rockus Bar and see Gordon’s Alive! – no doubt they will raise the roof from noise alone!

You can buy the album, Strange Days, here, and contact them here:





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