Dotty View: The Cottonettes

I’ve just been jumping around my house listening to a new (to me) band called The Cottonettes, and they are quickly restoring my faith in British punk rock! It still exists! Hurrah!

cottonettes 1

Catchy beats and guitar riffs, funky bass, shouty vocals, well constructed tunes and a brash “let’s get on with it” attitude are all in abundance with this band.

Tom Robinson has declared himself a fan, Amazing Radio are giving them airplay, and cool music biz people such as Simon Raymonde (of Cocteau Twins & Bella Union fame) have shown interest.

I’m willing these southerners to take a trip oop north – if only just a few miles, Cambridge is acceptable – as I am chomping at the bit to see them gig. Raw, it is what it is music, is the best kind of music to be played live, in my opinion.

I’m really excited about this band – to find out if you are, too, you’ll need to give them a listen…

cottonettes 2

Now, excuse the short and sweet write up, but I need to get my punk rock moves on again… I suggest you do the same.

Listen to and contact The Cottonettes:







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