Dotty View: Millie Manders

The first thing that struck me about Millie Manders is her unique voice – it’s rich and sultry, strong and smooth. There’s no-one I can think of who sounds like her, or who she sounds like. Her voice isn’t the only thing that is unusual – the accompanying music is an intriguing mix of jazz, folk, soul and pop. That’s not something that can easily pulled off, but Millie’s done it with a confidence that is indeed a rare find.


Her first EP, Demon, was released in April 2013, and I can’t understand why it’s not yet been caught by a rising wave of interest. One thing I don’t get about music is why the more generic music seems to achieve critical acclaim, leaving the more brave, personal, interesting music behind. I really hope this doesn’t happen to Millie. More importantly, I hope she doesn’t let it happen! She’s got the makings of a successful musician, and I’d love to be there saying “I told you so!” when she is more widely recognised!

I’m not usually into spoken word in a song, but I really enjoy listening to Thoroughbred Potato Head – it’s amusing, characterful, and Millie’s accent is just fab. Works for me!

My favourite song I’ve heard so far is Raw – a staccato lyric with minimal percussion and lovely acoustic guitar, it’s different and fun.

Millie’s got the following gig dates coming up:

14th February: Zoo, Claremont Pier, Lowestoft

27th February: The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

9th March: The Blueberry, Norwich – DAY TIME EVENT

29th March: The Brook, Wallington, Surrey

9th April: The Bedford, Balham, London

14th May: Number 90, Hackney Wick, London

31st May: Angel Fest, Tonbridge, Kent – FULL BAND

21st June: Demelza Go Dotty Week, Tonbridge, Kent – FULL BAND


I recommend that you give Millie’s music a listen, and grab a copy of her EP – I’m certain you won’t regret it, and predict you’ve not heard the last of her!

How to contact Millie:








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