Dotty View: David Robert Bridge

Dorset based David Robert Bridge released his first solo album, Black Clouds Gathering, on 5th November of 2012 following a period of serious depression – he states that writing music was his therapy. Two days after the album was released, however, he tried to take his own life. Bridge tells us that it’s a miracle that he’s still with us. Maybe that miracle is what has spurred him on to work first on the Adventure EP which he brought out last June, and now on his second solo album, which is due to be released on 10th March.

Front Cover

An introspective project, I feel that Life is for Living is the physical manifestation of David’s heart on his sleeve. He gives what I interpret to be an honest account of what happened on that fateful day in 2012 within Thursday Morning High, and the emotion in his voice is very apparent, I think.

One song I’ve fallen for is Black Carnation – the vocals are the definite focus here. Sarah de Warren joins David, and gives another level to this beautiful track with her sweet, lilting style complementing David’s gentleness of both lyric and voice so well.

Back Inside Cover

Don’t Save My Soul Tonight is one of my favourites from the album – a more upbeat tune, it’s still got Bridge’s simple yet effective style. None of his songs are trying to be anything other than what they are. I really like that. I’m reminded a bit of Ryan Adams – not an influence cited by David (Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley are two names he suggests), but not hugely dissimilar, in my opinion.

Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking David is something along the lines of “yet another acoustic solo artist”, or similar. However, please give this man’s music a go – he’s got personality, he knows what he likes and what he’s good at, his emotion comes through in his music, and he’s got potential. Just look at the circumstances under which this album was made – you’ve got to have something about you to be able to do that, I reckon. I’m looking forward to whatever he does in his future.

You’ll be able to buy David’s album on iTunes and bandcamp, and there’s a sneak preview on Soundcloud!






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