Dotty View: The Vincent(s)

Cork based band The Vincent(s) have caught my attention this month, and I can’t stop listening to them. They’ve only been together since Summer 2012, but already have tons of live dates throughout Ireland under their collective belt, as well as an EP and single release.


I’m stupidly excited about this band, not least because they’ve transported me back to 1991, which was about the time I discovered Nirvana’s existence. Wasn’t that an amazing time for music?! Well, I thought so, and still do! In a very short space of time I’ve become addicted to The Vincent(s)’ music, and don’t feel like I’ll get bored any time soon, so forgive me for singing their praises to anyone who will listen!


Do you want indie/deathpop/modern grunge? You got it with this band, in droves upon droves! You’re after loud, exciting, strong tunes full of attitude? Yep, The Vincent(s) can do that for you. Do you get excited about a funky bassline and a vocalist unafraid to be as unlimited as the other instruments played? Guess what – you’ve just stumbled across what you’re looking for.

Their new single, Asked Her to the Dance, is quite blues-y and grunge-y – it reminds me a bit of The Black Keys, and also Pearl Jam. It’s dirty, raw, and seamless in its delivery.

My favourite song so far is Song for the Sea – it’s [insert complimentary, yet unnecessary, expletive here] brilliant!! Actually, I’ll let it speak for itself…

Milk With Tea is so damn cool – interesting fluctuations in rhythm, bizarre guitar (at least, I think it’s a guitar! I’m no pro!) which is totally well placed, and an awesome shouty chorus – this is quite possibly the band’s anthem, if one could be pinpointed. I bet it rocks live!

If you’re a Londoner, you’re in luck – they have their first two gigs out of Ireland on 26th March (Proud, Camden) and 28th March (The Old Blue Last, London). I strongly suggest you get along to see them – it’s reported that their gigs are thrilling, and surely that’s not to be missed! (If you go, I have got serious gig envy, so don’t expect me to be your friend!)

TheVincents Pav

In essence, reader, you need The Vincent(s) in your life. Quite simply, they rock! So. Go get!! What are you still doing here? GO! Enjoy!







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