Dotty View: Big Bad Wow

Sheffield based one man band Danny Lowe, AKA Big Bad Wow, has just released three Bandcamp offerings in quick succession.

big bad wow

Goblins was released in October, and is a group of songs that Danny plays live the most out of all his songs. He then brought out his song Govern-mental Blues (Yachts and Plonkers) as a one off release, and most recently in December released Voodoo Monkey Chicken, his latest EP.

There’s a massive nod towards psychedelia in a lot of Lowe’s music, especially in tracks like Magical Realm, which has a looping guitar riff that wouldn’t be out of place on Deep Purple’s Purpendicular.

I’m personally not hugely keen on the vocals, mainly because I feel they are somewhat lost within the lo-fi recording of the tracks. Some of the music is great, though, and if the vocal was stronger songs like Sirius Oblivious (which is similar in style to Blur – I’m thinking Coffee and TV and Chemical World) could do well.

voodoo monkey chicken

What I do like is that Danny is passionate about what he does, and that he has a vision. He’s politically minded, and unafraid to speak his mind. That is a good thing in music of today – when we have so much dull, generic, yawnworthy music to listen to, it’s great to hear Big Bad Wow challenging that.

If you like what you’ve heard here, check out Big Bad Wow in the following zones:







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