Dots Jukebox: Lies 20 Jan 2014


Song of the Week:

Artist Song Suggested by
The Knickerbockers Lies @country_steve @contra_flow @damprice
The Who La-la-la-lies @speedofsounduk @thelastpenmon
The Buzzcocks Love is Lies @richard0x4a
John Lennon Gimme Some Truth @skylarkingmatt @danthompson78 @gilbertgubbins
Another Sunny Day Can’t You Tell It’s True? @rich_w27
Henry Rollins Liar @eskimoracing @dawniemaria19
Sonic Youth Panty Lies @dubhead77
The Damned Liar @geniusmover
Flesh For Lulu I Might Have Said You’re Beautiful But You Know I’m Just a Liar @chasethegroove
The Charlottes Liar @dgee3
The Wedding Present Be Honest @oreilly7 @sadpad21
EMF Lies @tazismad
Arctic Monkeys Do I Wanna Know? @grantsales
Chvrches Lies @cjcole01
Broken Records Lies @chops_top_fives
Arcade Fire Rebellion (Lies) @heliumdelirium
Hefner The Sweetness Lies Within @gurekei
UB40 Dream a Lie @sparky_hornsby
Marina and the Diamonds Lies @melmarriott
Thompson Twins Lies @bhall4321
Big Star Don’t Lie to Me @slowthrills
Fleetwood Mac Little Lies @ccbriggers @trish_savine @paulharps @steve8x8 @annatheforager
Queen Liar @heyheyluciani
10cc I’m Not In Love @tonylazarus
Linda Thompson Telling Me Lies @bestboomer
Shortwave Set House of Lies @cavedweller71
The Longpigs I Lied I Love You @sparkes74
Red Hot Chili Peppers I Could Have Lied @mattowlgale
Chris Bell Though I Know She Lies @flintsghost
Elliott Smith The Biggest Lie @turvenator
Neko Case Lonely Old Lies @substandardnerd
Bright Eyes No Lies, Just Love @_fi_bee

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