Dotty View: Jykkälä – Disappearers

When a band or musician approaches me for a review, I always feel a sense of anticipation prior to listening to the music. Along with that is a fear that I won’t like the music, to the point that when I’m about to press “play”, I’m so worried that this will be my first negative review that I almost don’t want to listen!

Luckily, today was one of those occasions where pressing “play” was the best decision I made all day! As soon as the first note hit my ears, I was transported away from all my troubles, and into the depths of the music. I stayed there for a while, just being with the music, letting it float over me, and seep into my mind.

jykkala 1


The Disappearers EP:

Tyomatkalainen – Simple, classical, beautiful, piano with an ever present wisp of a sound layered behind the piano. This sends shivers down my spine.

Aetheolaena – Different to the rest of the tracks on the EP – it’s faster, it’s quirky. I like quirky. It’s still beautifully tuneful, and extremely well comprised. Whoever has written this music knows how to construct a good tune. I’d love to know their background and experience.

Olemme Vahentynyt – If I close my eyes, I’m on a train on the brightest summer day. Suddenly, a flash mob orchestra begins, builds, and then in come the vocalists, who raise the tune to an outstanding crescendo. This is an absolutely stunning track.

DK192 – Oh, the strings… Oh, the piano… wonderfully sublime, they build and fade, they tease and talk, they reach in and touch your heart. I’m energised by this track – to give this tune its full credit, I should be in a forest clearing dancing like the free spirit I desire to be.

Disappearers – Jungle drum sounds with layer upon layer of the most beautiful electronic mix imaginable. I cannot even describe how this song makes me feel. The world has officially run out of words because of this tune.

Jykkala 2

This band are perfect in their mystery – I can’t find any information anywhere about who they are, and I know I could easily have asked, but not knowing makes me feel closer to the music, somehow.


Soundcloud – Disappearers EP




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