Dotty View: Rosie Lowe – Right Thing EP

I don’t know a lot about Rosie Lowe’s background – in fact, all I know is that she is from London, comes from a creative family, and has somehow very quickly caught the attention of radio stations including BBC 6 music and XFM, along with major publications like The Guardian and NME. This interest has fast filtered down to many independent bloggers and music lovers like myself.


I first heard the song Right Thing in December via Nadine Shah’s tweet mentioning her, and I gave the song a listen. It was one of those songs that made me stop and listen, starting off with melancholic piano along with Rosie’s sweet yet soulful vocals. It then gradually builds, incorporating synthesised jazz-like beats and intriguing background sound effects. With all of that going on, it would have been easy to miss what the song is about, but Lowe and her band achieve a great balance, and certainly don’t lose the overall feeling of sadness that the lyrics suggest.


Lowe has been compared to artists such as Jessie Ware, and has even been called the female James Blake! I’m not sure about that – Rosie’s got her own definite style, but if a comparison is going to happen, then that’s a pretty good one! If I may add a comparison, I’d like to say a mix of Lykke Li and Feist, because of the electronic link, along with the smooth, gripping vocals.

Rosie’s four track EP, Right Thing, is available to listen to on Soundcloud, and to purchase on Amazon and iTunes. With the rousing chorus of 10K Balloons, the almost unnoticeable delayed echo of Games and the deeply resonating, literally haunting, Me and Your Ghost, you will hear an innovative selection of songs from an artist with a natural flair and an exciting future.

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Right Thing on iTunes

Right Thing on Amazon





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