Dotty View: Weepikes – We Are Weepikes

Finnish Alternative Rock band Weepikes have recently reformed following a thirteen year break, prior to which they released two EPs which were received well in the indie world. They’ve been back together since 2010, released a comeback promo CD in 2012, and last February brought out their first album, We Are Weepikes.


They’ve taken a while to be brought to my attention, but this is a good time to use “better late than never” in a sentence, as I’m finding myself intruiged by their musical career, and wanting more.

The band are now working with a couple of artists who have helped to push forward their musical direction, namely Kramer (who has previously worked with Galaxie 500 and Urge Overkill to name but two bands) and another Finnish band called K-X-P, who have remixed one of Weepikes’ tracks, Falling Off the Carpet.


Onto the music itself. You need to know that I’m an absolute sucker for a dirty guitar riff, and Weepikes have them in droves. It’s in no way stagnant or old sounding, though, despite being quite Grunge in places. I love Grunge music, by the way. I’d mosh in my Doctor Martens all over the place if I had some. Anyway, I digress. Weepikes have brought their style right up to the 21st century with an electronic, almost ambient in places, feel to their music. Think Eels mixed with Pixies and a touch of The Prodigy in there for good measure, and you’re pretty close to what Weepikes sound like.

Nothing But a Soar is my favourite track from the album – it’s noisy, brash and brave, which (along with musical skill, of course) are pretty much all the qualities I look for in an indie band! I love the strong bassline, the heavy drumbeat and the randomness of the lyrics.

I’ve got to say, don’t ignore their two EP releases from ’95 and ’97 – Zoo from Howkey? is superb – it’s got a great rhythm and an almost reggae feel to it during the slower sections, and then your ears are full of screechy guitar – I was nodding along to it like I’d heard it a million times. Great stuff! I’m less keen on the second EP, Selling Fish. The standout track is definitely Electric Misters, but otherwise I’ve got a feeling that maybe the band were losing their way a bit at this point. I’m very glad they sorted things out and are giving it another go!

I reckon Weepikes could create a great following outside of Finland if they’re struggling to be recognised there, although achieving success in your country of origin is obviously a nice thing to do! I believe they’d be well received here in the UK, and it seems they are aiming in this direction, as well as the USA.

Lyrically imaginative and musically adventurous, in my opinion this band are obscure and chaotic in a very special way that doesn’t come along too often. Give them a listen, and see if you agree!







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