Raising awareness of Mental Health: Ralph’s Life Charity Music CD

ralphs life

If you support unsigned Indie music, and also have an interest in Mental Health (which, let’s face it, everyone should!), then this is an excellent project to back.

Ralph’s Life Charity Music CD

You can pledge pretty much any amount you wish, and contribute towards this excellent cause. Depending on how much you pledge, you will receive a different package, from a thank you email for £1.00 right through to a CD and VIP pass to the album launch night for £20.00.

The music is certainly not secondary to the cause – with artists such as Mog Stanley, Debs McCoy, Snippet, Wullae Wright, The Travelling Band, The Bedroom Hour and Tom Robinson (of 2, 4, 6, 8 Motorway fame), you won’t be disappointed!

Keep up to date with progress via Twitter

You have until 9.20am on 3rd January 2014 to make a pledge – time’s ticking away – it would be amazing if the £5000.00 target could be reached!

So, if you can spare between £1 and £30, or more if you’re able, please make a pledge to this amazing project.

Thank you!


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