Dotty View: Andrew Ferris

Andrew Ferris 3

Hailing from The Forest of Dean, folk/indie/pop singer Andrew Ferris is currently based in Austria, where he’s focussing on studio work rather than gigs. Exploring musical opportunities and ideas, he’s keen to share his songs far and wide, and now his music has made it to my ears.

His first solo release was the Red Lorry EP in May 2012. A journey that starts with a skip in the step with The Fall of Man, the jaunty What I Know (La La La), via the comfort of Home, a gentle touch from With This Heart and the heartfelt Song For You, this is a great insight into Andrew’s style, influences and ability. It’s considered, beautiful, clever and brilliant.

Red Lorry

Ferris released his debut album, Yellow Lorry, in October 2013. Andrew says he wants to challenge you musically and lyrically, and has compiled this album specifically to attempt to do that.

The opener, Smile, does what it says on the tin – I found myself bopping around with a silly grin on my face during this song! Indie pop at its best!

Ferris treats us next to an indie/acoustic/blues mix in the shape of Moving On. Lyrically clever, and punctuated by distinctive bluesy guitar, this is one of my favourites from the album.

Lost at Sea is heartbreakingly honest, wonderfully crafted and beautifully hopeful. The song tells us that no matter how alone and frightened you feel, you shouldn’t think badly of yourself, and that there will always be someone ready to help you, to “stop you from floating away”.

Next up are The Little Things You Do and Little Bird, two really fun, upbeat folk songs. Foot tappers at worst, they will bring a smile to your face and a dance to your heart. The former even has a harmonica solo! I love this style – Ferris does it very well indeed.

The Fall of Man has made it onto the album, too, and fits in very well here. It’s a great inclusion, and follows on really well from the last two songs. Actually, the whole order of the album is extremely well thought through. It must be a bit like doing a playlist, ensuring that each song follows on from and moves into the next song. Andrew has achieved this perfectly.

Faster than the Leaves is about how life changes as people change and move apart, but in a positive way. It’s making the best of what was a difficult situation, and seeing light where there could easily be dark. It’s a wonderful sentiment.

Ferris surprises us next with one of the quirkiest starts to a song I’ve heard! Something Changed tells us about being energised by new feelings of love, along with the uncertainty about how the other person may feel. I really like the addition of brass at 1m50, after a little chuckle from Andrew! This is a great little song.

As an insight into Andrew’s deepest thoughts, the album finishes with strength and beauty in the form of The Remainder. He really does wear his heart on his sleeve, I think. “I sold my soul. I’ll have to buy it back if I’ve ever got a hope of going home.”

I am so excited about this music. Some days, you just need something that covers all bases, that makes you feel every emotion, and Yellow Lorry does this for me. Andrew Ferris is on my Must See Gigs 2014 list!

Andrew Ferris 5

Because it’s Christmas, here’s Andrew’s take on Jingle Bells… it’s so lovely!

Andrew Ferris on iTunes




Andrew Ferris’ Website



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