Dotty View: Dukes of New York

DoNY are Ipswich based Pip & Will, friends since high school who have naturally progressed to forming their own band after playing music together for many years.


Founded in 2011, they’re now signed to Cabin Fever Records and managed by Snake Plissken – if that’s his real name, that’s ultra cool!

Essentially an acoustic duo, they’ve also recently teamed up with other musicians to record 7 songs for their website, and to gig with.

I’ve listened to the songs on their bandpage a few times, now. There are some definite strengths in there, and also room for improvement, in my opinion.

They know their instruments, but are a bit too restrained – almost shy, really! Having said that, “About You” and “Take Me Over” both show glimmers of what could be, as there’s way more energy, especially vocally, than in “Not Another”, “Just Real Good” and “Nails”, for example.

Download: About You

“Ventura” has a bit of a bluesy feel, as does “On Our Way to LA” which also provides a touch of psychedelic sounding guitar at 1m27s! For me, sometimes the acoustic guitar work goes on slightly too long, and could have more in the way of a melody, but it’s a pretty good direction generally.

Download: Take Me Over

Kudos to these lads for getting their music out there, it’s a tough business to get into and I really hope they stick at it. I reckon a bit less self restraint is what is called for here – I’d like them to just get stuck in and go for it. No holds barred!


I’ll be keeping my eye on their progress, so be ready to hear more about them in the future!

You can contact the band on Twitter and Facebook.

You can also download their seven recorded songs on their Bandpage!


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