Dotty View: Wullae Wright – The Orange Line

Wullae finally released his long awaited album on 20th August 2013 – he spent 18 months recording it, and I like to think it’s his method of escapism, the journey that he tells us is the theme of the album. I thought I’d wait a little while to review it, and take the time to listen until it’s embedded into my mind. It’s been like my very own journey. I didn’t mean to leave it quite this long, but here we are!

The album kicks off with “UFO”, which is an impressive combination of acoustic, classical and indie rock. You can feel the pain in Wright’s vocals. I’m immediately gripped.

“A Stage With Your Own Fears” is dark, melodic, perfectly punctuated with crashing cymbals and later petering off into lone strings, which lead gently into the next song.

My favourite song from the album is “Survived Unpromised Souls” – it’s absolutely sublime. Indicative of Wullae’s style, the simplicity of the guitar is a beautiful thing, and his voice is the strongest I’ve heard it.

I love the faster songs on the album, too – “Roadtrippin’”, “You Never Said Anything” and “Plasticland” have layer upon layer of musical goodness. Wright’s musical imagination knows no bounds. This is A Good Thing! “Plasticland” also gives a nod towards the 60s with a slightly psychedelic/Beatles-ish feel to it.

He’s also highly capable of slowing things down – listen to “Nostalgic”, “Living on the Edge” and “Superhero”, and feel the songs seep around you and into your mind. I’m certain this is the intention with these quirky little tunes – I’d love to know what inspires him.

“Beware: Angels Beckon” showcases Wullae’s voice with a very interesting drumbeat. I’m intruiged, and hooked. The only thing that doesn’t really work for me is the strained vocals at certain parts of the song, but I can get past that!

Wright’s penultimate song is what I would describe as a goodbye song. “A Story of a Wall” is, to me, about experiencing the aimlessness of life sometimes, and wanting to escape. I love the echo and the atmosphere it provides. I feel like I’m inner city wanting to be somewhere with space to breathe.

“All The Time” is just gorgeous. Wullae’s voice is superb here – you almost need nothing else. A crescendo that will break your heart and make you fall in love at the same time happens at 1:50 – I defy you to not feel moved by this song. A wonderful end to a superb album.

Wright has put his heart, body and soul into this album. He’s worked his fingers to the bone to get it just how he wanted it. It’s evident he’s passionate about what he does. I cannot wait to see what else he has to offer. Watch this space – he’s destined for a huge career.

A Christmas song has recently appeared on Wullae’s Soundcloud… have a cheeky listen here!





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