Dotty View: Lucks Lane


Rock band Lucks Lane, who hail from the Peterborough area, are currently working on their second album, due for release in early 2014.

Their first album, A New Someone, was released in 2012 under a slightly different lineup to how you see them now. It was a punchy, brave debut, with gems such as Some Scars Must Remain that will have you singing along, and I’ll Keep You Inside to which you’ll find yourself nodding your head to the beat.

Lucks Lane have now released their EP, A Million Hours, and have subsequently found that their songs being aired on radio stations in the UK, US, Canada and Australia! They’ve also undertaken their first radio interview along with airplay of acoustic live songs. They really are getting their name out there!

This EP is very strong – three songs long, it’s comprised of the anthemic Running For My Life (I challenge you to listen to this song without then singing it in your head for the next few weeks!),  the beautiful title track, A Million Hours and the quirky, assertive Turn the Tide.

A Million Hours EP

This is a great introduction to the band as they are now, with Pete Moore writing the songs and the band performing them to an extremely high standard. They’ve worked out their individual strengths and manage to showcase them all as a whole, without losing any of the main aim: producing good music.

Potter’s outstanding guitar work; Cairney’s sometimes fierce, sometimes emotive vocals; Stimpson’s bass playing, which is positively melodic; and the talented Daglish on keyboards and rhythm guitar are all topped off by King’s drums, which are exceptional – he leads the band with vigour through each song, and he’s clearly an accomplished drummer.

I’m so impressed with this band. They are exciting, energetic, passionate and superb musicians, and I cannot wait to hear their second album, The Story of Our Lives. I’m also keeping my ear to the ground for tour news, as I will be in that crowd!

[Disclaimer: I am the sister of one of the band, but that in no way means I am biased. If I like something, I like it – it’s that simple. I genuinely love their music, and think many other people will, too! Thank you.]






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