Dotty View: Mog Stanley

Mog Stanley

About a year ago, I heard a song on the radio that caught my attention. That song was Little Bag of Bones by one Mog Stanley. Its bluesy quality is what grabbed me – I dig the Blues!

It’s a travesty that I’ve not written about him until now, but since then he’s released his EP, Inside the Mindbox, and a single, Tricky Mouth Blues, from his as yet untitled upcoming album. All exciting and promising stuff!

Mog Stanley’s style, although distinctively Blues, is incredibly soft, especially vocally. Sometimes (with his older songs), the lyrics get slightly lost behind the louder music, but in general I really like the way Stanley delivers his songs.

His most recent Soundcloud offering is Move On, and it’s my favourite song he’s done yet. He’s really honing his style, and it’s very pleasing to the ear! The tune is so melodic, the lyrics a perfect match. I’m looking forward to this appearing on an album.

I’ve had the honour of being able to listen to a couple of other new tracks which are demos for the album. All I Know is classic Blues, with Stanley’s vocal becoming stronger than I’ve heard it before – he’s matching it well to the music – a much better balance. You Don’t Know is a bit quirkier than other songs I’ve heard from Mog. The tempo and melody is pretty varied – he’s obviously trying new techniques, and forming new ideas. This bodes very well for his future, in my opinion.

I’d love to go and see Mog Stanley in a gig setting at some point – I can imagine him engaging well with an audience, and I think his songs would be very well received. I will endeavour to see him in 2014!

I’m also really looking forward to a full album from Stanley, hopefully incorporating his roots and experimenting with improved styles. It’s going to be worth hearing, that’s for sure!






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