Dotty View: Jay Tennant

jay tennant

I first heard about Jay when he was in the bands One Cure For Man and The Silent Union, whose music I fell for big time. Jay and I got chatting, and found we share a love of the band Suede, and we kept in touch. Since then I’ve been following his musical career with interest.

Leicester based Jay has now gone solo, and has recently been busy getting a couple of his songs onto Soundcloud for your listening pleasure.

Jay’s got a voice not dissimilar to James Walsh of Starsailor – I remember him being quite chuffed at that comparison! It’s got a strength and a certain quality and range that lends itself to indie folk music so well – he’s got his genre sussed, and it’s so natural, not at all forced.

Broken Land is so gorgeous – I love how it starts so simply and builds up to incorporate tambourine beats and layers of harmonies. It would be great to hear it with some key changes within his guitar work, I hope Jay works on this song and makes it even better.

Jay has also recently recorded Midsummer’s Eve, a lovely, gentle tune that makes me think of wandering through sun drenched fields hand in hand with the one you love. It’s dreamy!

I can’t wait to hear what else Jay is working on – watch this space for more information!

You can contact Jay on Twitter, and listen to his music on Soundcloud.


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