Dots Jukebox: The best of the past year! 27th October 2013


Following on from last week’s anniversary playlist, I thought I’d do a “best of” from the playlists of the past year! They’re MY favourites – incredibly self-indulgent of me, I know! Enjoy!

Artist Song Theme & date Suggested by
Talk Talk Life’s What You Make It Get A Grip 18 Oct 12 @chimbonda
XTC Grass Gardens 5 Jul 13 @skylarkingmatt
Air Remember Forget Remember 11 Jan 13 @boxofpeppers
Depeche Mode Walking In My Shoes Walking 30 Nov 12 @precenphix
Gary Numan Are ‘Friends’ Electric Electric 4 Jan 13 @woodmanstone @lsherrington1
Japan Life in Tokyo City 25 May 13 @guildtom
Ian Dury Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick Beats 31 May 13 @amcyoung
Lush Single Girl Single 17 Jul 13 @jonezyt @clbutler76 @gwenlove3
Prince Little Red Corvette Vehicle 15 Mar 13 @davesleney
Public Image Limited Flowers Of Romance Flowers 11 May 13 @drfilth
The Ramones Beat On The Brat Old Young 29 Dec 12 @pauldn1
Nine Inch Nails Every Day Is Exactly The Same Anything Goes 18 May 13 @grantsales
Pearl Jam Blood Blood 31 Jul 13 @rorsdm
Jimi Hendrix If 6 Was 9 Mathematics 2 Aug 13 @tymgrady
The Doors Riders On The Storm Ships and the Sea 8 Feb 13 @buttersstotch11
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds God Is In The House Superstitions 13 Sep 13 @richard0x4a
Elbow Grounds For Divorce Anti Valentines 15 Feb 13 @hollowmandan @markjeng @mikeyscruff
The Mountain Goats Cobra Tattoo Tattoo 19 Nov 12 @maffrj
The Decemberists June Hymn June 1 Jun 13 @mjh_79 @tomwaitsripoff @sparkes74
Woody Guthrie Mean Talking Blues Talking 22 Mar 13 @chops_top_fives
Zager & Evans In the Year 2525 Future 5 Oct 13 @iancpeacock @moodymitchy @steve8x8
Jerry Lee Lewis Breathless Breathe 11 Aug 13 @sparky_hornsby
Fats Waller I’m Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter Letters 28 Jun 13 @tangerinebean
Nat King Cole Autumn Leaves Autumn 20 Sep 13 @gilbertgubbins @danthompson78
Frank Sinatra It Was a Very Good Year Anniversary 19 Oct 13 @guylongworth
Scott Walker The Darkest Forest Woodland 1 Feb 13 @theboywilliams
Bran Van 3000 Drinking In LA Drinking 19 Oct 12 @kid76a
The Beatles Revolution Revolution 19 Jul 13 @eva_mulder @michaelwbarwise
Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush Don’t Give Up Music is Therapy 29 Mar 13 @paulie9461
The Chordettes Mr Sandman Dreams 19 Apr 13 @andrewlabmonkey

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