Dotty View: Kismet Ryding

Grimsby based band Kismet Ryding have described their style as being “psychedelic garage sounds of the 60’s with a modern day kick up the arse.” I’d agree with this – they have all the energy any good rock band should have, and it comes out directly through their music, making the listener feel as if they should be in a shoulder to shoulder crowd, covered in beer (just beer, hopefully…!) and jumping up and down at the appropriate moments!

I’ve not seen these guys live, but I have watched videos of gigs by them. I reckon they own the stage, and the crowd, with Freeman’s natural charisma and strong vocal, and the strength in the music and presence provided by the rest of the band. Some people are just born to be on stage!

Their debut 3-track EP, released a couple of years ago, is indicative of Kismet Ryding’s style. Awesome guitar riffs, hefty drum beats with plenty of cymbal action going on, indie style vocals and lyrics, and bluesy bass punctuating it all. Serenity is a highlight for me – think Paul Weller, think Oasis, think Summer evenings sitting in the garden drinking beer with your mates… definitely my favourite out of the three songs.


Hangin’, from the first EP:

A very cool start, and a great precursor to what is to come next…

The new EP is now up for grabs to pre-order (mine’s on order already!). I’ve had the honour of a listen to the new material, and if, like me, you thought the older songs were good, then this will blow your mind. Also, it’s on VINYL! That is ace. Get it.


Track one, Last Night’s Stains, is massive – I am straight away aware that the band have honed their skills, and sharpened up on absolutely everything. The bass is more audible, the production is infinitely improved, the vocals are stronger, the guitar is bluesier… this is AWESOME.

The next two songs, Coming Up and Good Good Way, are slightly more prog rock in style, with hints of rock n roll in there. There is plenty of energy going on here – I’m reminded of Kula Shaker, maybe crossed with Led Zep! A great combo, in my opinion.

Most Famous has me thinking of The Black Keys – the guitar sound is pure blues. I love how the song builds up and drops off so often, and I adore the layers going on. The lyric “We’ve come a long long way from home” sung in that tone of voice is perfect.

The penultimate tune, Look See Don’t TRIP is loud, energetic, fast, and if you’re not up and dancing (and possibly playing air guitar…) to this, I’ll be very surprised indeed!

I first listened to Hope and Glory on a live video on YouTube, and thought it would be worthy of being recorded – it’s my absolute favourite on this EP. It’s got it all – spangly guitar (and a solo), a rising drum beat, varied paces throughout… “Well I forgot to remember all we did in the past, and I saw right through you, I know I’m not gonna last.” This is a proper, full on, indie rock tune, and the perfect way to end this great EP.


You know what? You need this band in your life. Here’s how to achieve that…

On Sunday 2nd June presents The North Descends – A Camden Day Out, and Kismet Ryding will be on the lineup. Doors open at 2pm, the venue is The Horse Hospital, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden. Completely free entry! There is a coach arranged from Grimsby for the princely sum of £25 – get in there quick if you want to be on it!

Kismet Ryding are:

Mike Freeman – Frontman
Josh Humphreys – Guitar
Tom Humphreys – Bass
Jazz White – Drums

Website/EP pre-order





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