Dotty View: The Boy In The Attic

Formed in 2010 in Wexford, Ireland, rock band The Boy In The Attic have taken inspiration from hard rock and prog rock to form a sound that works for them. They’ve been busy over the last three years getting their name onto the market through gigs, and are gradually building up a fan base. They released their eponymous EP in 2011, and will be bringing their album out this year, along with a new video.

The Boy In The Attic

I’d put them in the same area musically as RATM and QOTSA – they’ve got that typical hard rock band shoutiness, hefty drum beats, plenty of bass and prominent, sometimes quirky, guitar riffs galore. Oddly enough, perhaps, I can also hear elements of Placebo’s style in there – maybe it’s the vocals when Murphy stops being quite so cross sounding! There’s definitely an eclectic mixture of genres going on, and it kinda works!

My favourite song of theirs from the EP has to be Step Into The Future – it’s more bluesy, and the heavy bass carries the song through really well. The drum beat is intense, and I love how they aren’t forgotten as they so often are.

For me, I am not too keen on Drop Your Disguise – I like to be able to understand lyrics when I’m listening, and because I can’t find them online, I don’t know what the verses are about. That’s purely personal preference, though. I appreciate the music, and the calmer vocals when they happen… Have a listen and judge for yourself!

My other favourite from the EP is Winding Stairs, which reminds me a little of Foo Fighters – it’s a slower rock song with everso slightly shoutier verses. This is good stuff, people!

If you’re into the heavier side of rock, then this is the band for you! I’m looking forward to hearing the new material and finding out how it compares.

The Boy In The Attic Are:

Danny Murphy – Vocals
Paul Hogan – Guitar
Sean Savage – Drums
Philip Campbell – Bass

Upcoming gigs:

The Voodoo Lounge – May 24th 2013

Ballinamore Fringe Festival – August 24th 2013




You can grab the songs from their EP for free on reverbnation.




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