Dotty View: Firesuite – Red World

Alternative rock band Firesuite, who hail from Sheffield, have already experienced critical acclaim following the release of their début album ‘You’re An Ocean Deep, My Brother’ in March 2011. During that year, they played three Tramlines shows, and also had the fortune of recording two sessions for BBC Live.

The album is completely different to anything I’ve heard before – I mean, there are the shoegaze elements, the noisy drums, the scratchy guitars, but along with them a quirkiness I can’t really describe – the vocals and effects set this apart from your average indie band. It took me a couple of listens to start enjoying it, if I’m honest, but now feel it’s one of those albums I could immerse myself in.

The highlight for me is Sammy Davis Jr Jr. A song that immediately kicks in with Jack White sounding guitar, and encompasses a ridiculously fast drum beat with a great melody, interspersed with experimental electronica and shouty vocals that I don’t understand, before coming to an abrupt end. That’s not a genre I’m used to, or that I usually like, but this is the exception!

Red World

Moving on a couple of years, in November 2012, after releasing a single a month for three consecutive months, the band released their 5 track EP, Red World. They are now working hard to get their name out to a wider audience – they toured the UK in February of this year, and will no doubt be present on the festival scene over the Summer.

The EP starts off with Rabbit, which is slightly off the wall musically, with intruiging vocals and harmonies that make the song a little bit different. The changes in pace are interesting, and there’s a guitar solo – something you don’t find very much in music these days. It’s got a bluesy touch to it in places, which I really like.

Track 2, Undo, is generally much slower, and I really appreciate a band who can show they are capable of more than one style. There are acoustic sections, punctuated by a head nodding beat and crescendos of guitar throughout. It feels like a modern take on the rock ballad!

Red World, the title track, is probably my favourite from the EP. Starting with a lovely, gentle guitar riff which wouldn’t be out of place in a more standard indie track, it soon changes pace and a strangely compelling drum beat kicks in. It then slows right down, making you think it’s coming to an end, before raising up again with a fantastic guitar melody and Thom Yorke style vocals – heart-rending and beautiful.

The next song, Concave, changes genre almost completely. At the start it makes me think of Charlie Chaplin! It’s a much jazzier tune, but still has the strong, fast drum beats going on. This song confuses me a little, it’s slightly too mixed up for me, like it doesn’t quite know where it’s meant to be. Maybe this one will take you a few listens, that’s all I’m saying.

Finally is Had Enough. Why put a song with that title last, I ask you! With Sarah’s gorgeous, soulful vocals being more predominant here, this track has a melancholic feel to it. I love the prog rock feel to the guitars, and the way it builds to something huge and head-nodding. I bet this is incredible live!

I can’t wait to hear more from Firesuite – five songs simply aren’t enough!

Firesuite are:

Chris Anderson (vocals, guitar)

Chris Minor (bass)

Sarah Griffiths (vocals, guitar)

& Richard Storer (drums)

Bandcamp – buy the EP here

iTunes – buy the début album here






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