Dotty View: Wullae Wright

Wullae Wright

Wullae Wright is a musician who covers a diverse range of genres within his songs – acoustic, indie, rock, and electronica, all with his own unique stamp placed firmly on top.

He’s gaining recognition both in the UK and in America, with his music having been featured on Jim Gellatly’s show on Amazing Radio, Harrow Community Radio, Radioactive Scotland, the Wall Rock Radio, Bridge FM, WROM Radio (U.S), Slip Stream Radio (U.S)’, Krank It Radio (U.S), and On Air Radios Indie Show. He has also had write ups by Niji Magazine, Freaky Pug PR/Records and Intamission Music, and various online blogs.

2012 saw a busy year for Wright, both musically and personally, which ended with the release of the Vixen Pt. I, II, III & IV single in November – this single is available on iTunes . This song focuses on the electronica side of things musically, and also showcases Wullae’s inimitable vocals. This guy certainly has something for everyone!

Featured on the Indievidual compilation which was released in February 2013, Red Bridge is, to me, reminiscent of Radiohead, who, incidentally and somewhat unsurprisingly, have been a huge influence in Wullae’s musical career. He also reminds me of David J Roch with the pitch and scale of his voice. Such strength, and such raw emotion.

Forthcoming album The Orange Line – release date TBC – is a labour of love, using songs written over ten years ago, and painstakingly made whilst dealing with personal life changes, not least the birth of his son.

The Orange Line

UFO, which will be the first track on The Orange Line, has appeared on the 1st Renaissance compilation released in January 2013, will also be featured on the Revolution compilation by Brit Rock Army (date of release TBC). It’s a lovely song with a gentle opening and strings throughout, later accompanied by a prog rock style guitar solo (that’s a compliment, by the way!) and slowly fading out at the end.

All The Time is comprised of strong, passionate vocals with soaring, intense guitar, all punctuated by almost angry, certainly powerful, cymbals. This will round off the new album, and to be that’s an ending on a high if ever there was one!

I can’t wait to get my hands on Wullae’s album – I have a feeling it will be getting a lot of plays in Dottyville!







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