Dotty View: Interview with Annaca & review of the Haunted EP

I first heard of Brighton based Annaca back in December when her song “Delilah” was played on a Doncaster radio show. It was one of those songs that immediately captured me. Now, five months later, Annaca has completed her brand new EP, “Haunted”, which is due for release on 24th June 2013.

Haunted EP

The lovely lady herself took some time out to answer some questions for me…

Dotty: Hello, thank you for doing this, it’s so good to hear from you in your own words. First off, what made you want to have a career in music, and is this the first musical project you’ve been involved in?

Annaca: I’ve always loved singing, when I started writing songs and performing them I realised how wonderful it is to be able to share it with people. I’ve never really been involved in other projects. I’ve always written and performed songs as Annaca, the songs have just evolved and changed direction a bit as I started finding my sound, which is the sound I have now.

D: If you could have dinner with any three artists who have inspired you, who would they be, and why?

A: Cat Power because I adore the woman, Sister Rosetta Tharpe because she seems like she was a fun person to hang around with. She looks like she was a happy-go-lucky kind of woman, with a whole lot of soul that I’d like for her to share with me, and David Bowie because I think he’s a genius and I’d like to ask him if I can borrow some of his old stage outfits. There is [a] cape in particular.

D: Your sense of style is very individual and unique, do you make your own outfits and headdresses?

A: Thank you very much! I make the flowery fascinators that I wear on my head. But most of my stage outfits are from vintage and charity shops. I’ve also been given a lot of my mother and grandmother’s old clothes, which I wear on stage. They are very stylish ladies.

D: You performed on the Emerging Icons stage at the Olympics last year – can you describe that experience?

A: It was so incredible being a part of such a huge event! It was a unity of so many different cultures, and we got to perform in front of them! (The compilation album, on which hers is the first track, is available on iTunes.)

D: What is your favourite gig memory?

A: Definitely my candle lit showcase at St Pancras Old Church last week. It was a magical evening, performing in such a stunning venue.

D: I saw a lovely picture of you and your dog the other day – does Nonnie like music?

A: I think so, she seems to enjoy sitting with me when I play the piano and write songs. I always say; “come on Nonnie, lets go write some songs” and she follows me.


D: I absolutely love Haunted, are you looking forward to bringing the EP out?

A: Thank you so much! I can’t wait; I’m so pleased with how it sounds!

D: What’s next for Annaca?

A: This summer we’re going to be performing at a few UK festivals, including Beach Break. We’re hoping to plan a little UK tour after the release of the EP on the 24th June 2013. I’ve got so many new songs up my sleeve; I’m getting excited to get back in the studio with Jim Lowe to create some more music.

D: Thank you so much for your time! Good luck with the EP and tour.

The EP is four tracks of utter gorgeousness – the title track, “Haunted”, is available as a single on iTunes  – it’s a jazzy, upbeat number with perfectly placed changes in pace.

Next up is “Roll Off”, a song that, for me, is a mixture of the styles of Amy Winehouse and Adele, with beautiful orchestral music backing up that lovely deep, dramatic voice in the forefront. I could listen to this on repeat and never get bored.

Track 3, “Suddenly”, is a beautiful song – just Annaca’s voice, a piano, and sublime strings to start with, gradually building and bringing in a gentle drum beat. Annaca has such a perfect range and pitch to her voice – I can imagine this on stage but with just the vocals – I think that would be even more stunning than it already is.

The EP signs off with the afore-mentioned “Delilah”. That voice with its old fashioned, soulful quality, yet she utilises it in a modern way, along with funky bass, catchy beats and melodic piano.

A sublime EP from start to finish – I will certainly be purchasing this, and listening over and over again!

Support Annaca by voting for her to play Lounge On The Farm Festival  using this link!

Annaca and her band are:

Annaca (lead vocals)

Ben (Drums, Backing Vox)

Harrison (Guitar & Backing Vox)

and Leo (Bass, Keys & Backing Vox)





Filming Haunted video


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