Dotty View: Dark Dark Dark

Dark Dark Dark

Minneapolis based band Dark Dark Dark released their second album, Who Needs Who, in October of 2012. This followed the relative success of their debut, Wild Go, and a five month break for the band to refocus their energies and gain a new creative aspect.

The title track from the first album, Wild Go:

The band have got their name into the public eye over the past year or so, and have experienced sold out shows, national radio appearances, and support slots for the likes of The National and Low. Their music has been used on Grey’s Anatomy, Parks and Recreation, and American Idol, and they appeared on Live From Abbey Road, which they describe as a highlight of the year.

The first single to be released from the new album will be Tell Me. An upbeat tune which showcases Invie’s dry, melancholic voice, and reveals innermost feelings within the lyrics describing the desire to retrieve a lost love. “I want to live in the time when you cherished me, oh to go back to the place where your hands moved over me.”

Patsy Cline, track 4 on the album, is a real tear-jerker. “Now that you’re gone, my life goes on.” I’ve listened quite a few times, now, and sitting here I’m crying yet again! Infact, this whole album resonates with me on a very personal level. Any band that can evoke such strong emotions in someone completely unknown to them has a talent they should nurture.

This strikes me as an album which should have been awkward to make, bearing in mind the romantic history shared by Invie and LaCount being the reason for the break inbetween albums. However, that isn’t apparent when listening to the songs, and they seem to have turned something incredibly difficult into something beautiful, honest and strong.

Album cover

Dark Dark Dark have just embarked on a European tour, during which they will be taking in just one date in London… So, if you’ve got tickets for Field Day 2013 on 25th May, you’re in for a treat! Don’t miss them! You can get tickets here.

All upcoming tour dates

Dark Dark Dark are:

Nona Marie Invie

Marshall LaCount

Walter McClements

Mark Trecka

and Adam Wozniak





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