Dots Special: Birthday dedication to Brian Eno May 15 2013

brian eno

Brian Eno, the record producer, the musician, the music theorist, is 64 years old today.

He released his first solo album, Here Come The Warm Jets, in January 1974, and his most recent album, Lux, in November 2012.

Here’s a look at five songs from his musical history:

Baby’s On Fire, from Here Come The Warm Jets:

Third Uncle, from Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy):

Deep Blue Day, from the Trainspotting Soundtrack (incidentally, this was the first time I had heard of Eno… sorry about that!):

And Then So Clear, from Another Day On Earth:

Bless This Space, with Rick Holland, from Drums Between The Bells:

Sadly, I couldn’t find any videos for Lux – I’m not sure anyone would have 20 minutes or so to spare on a Wednesday morning to listen to one tune, anyway 😉

Happy Birthday, Brian Eno!


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