Dotty View: The Janskys

Sheffield- based band The Janskys started out in 2007 when Nick discovered Pat singing in a pub in Thorpe Hesley. They soon started writing, recruited guitarist Damian, and drummer Liam. Later, following the release of their debut album, Liam and newby Jonathan playing musical drummer stools, Liam is back with the band and Jonathan is overseas seeing what America has to offer.

BH1iplVCUAAxPo8.jpg large

Recording for the second album began in the band’s studio in February 2011, under the watchful eye of producer Colin. Mastering was finally completed in January of this year, and the new album, When Silence Speaks, will be released in early Summer of 2013.

You can listen to some of The Janskys’ work on Soundcloud:

A love song in an indie style, I Can’t Hear Anything has it all – it starts gently and building to a crescendo, great guitar melody and two sets of vocals that compliment each other, backed up by a catchy bass riff and a soft drum beat. Fantastic stuff!

Incorporating gravelly vocals and jangly guitars, Dreaming reminds me a little of the style of Tom Petty, but in a modern way. I love Tom Petty’s music, so that is a definite compliment! It has a folky feel about it, and that appeals to me.

You can download Tell Me, a track from the forthcoming album for free here. Those dry vocals are back, and the drums sound stronger here – I really like the changes in pace throughout the song – sometimes that can make you confused and feel like you’re listening to 3 songs in one, but not with this. It works well.

I’m really looking forward to hearing the new album – you’ve not heard the last of these guys!

The Janskys are:

Nick Davies – Bass and electric guitar
Pat Donoghue – Vocals, acoustic guitar
Liam Rice (previous member Jonathan Grove) – Drums and percussion
Damian Sackett – Vocals, electric guitar

Colin Bradley – Production

Artwork by Mark Conway





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