Dotty View: The Folk Remedy – Sirens


The Folk Remedy are Matt Whoriskey (vocals, guitar), Maria Bonner (violin) and Rob Ryle (guitar). They formed in Manchester in 2012, and quickly built up a fan base, giving them sold out shows in and around the city.

Their EP, Sirens, will be available on iTunes from 17th June 2013. The local hype surrounding this has gained them air time on various UK radio stations, and the band have undertaken a live session on BBC Manchester. There is no reason why they soon won’t be known more further afield.

The Folk Remedy are a mixture of folk, indie and country music, with influences such as Damien Rice, Fionn Regan, Johnny Marr and Elbow. They utilise their cultural heritage (Whoriskey and Bonner are from Derry, Ireland, Ryle from Bolton, Manchester) as well as drawing influence from the US – Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams to name two.

The EP is sublime from start to finish. Starting with the title track, Sirens, you can’t help but tap your feet along to the beat – the violin perfectly sets off the feel of the track. It’s about the loss of someone, and not knowing how to handle it. “And I don’t know what I’m going to do anymore.”

New York Skyline is absolutely heartbreaking – “I’m sure you remember those thick burning embers and memories of a better time.” – the harmonies of Bonner compliment Whoriskey’s lead, and the guitar melody gently moves along behind it all.

The next song, Fool Fool, is much more upbeat – a very catchy guitar riff (and solo later in the song), coupled with richer, louder vocals – I can imagine this being the song that gets the crowd in a lively mood at a gig. This has definite Dylan influence. It has soul. It’s brilliant.

Looks Are Deceiving showcases Bonner’s classical background – the violin score is simply beautiful, and gives the song an extra dimension, although it would also work as an acoustic tune with just vocals and guitar.

The final song on the EP is Such A Hold On Me, a smooth, folky song with lilting guitar and delicate vocals. The perfect calming end to a wonderful set of songs.

Keep this band in your mind – they will be everywhere soon, and giving bands such as I Am Kloot a run for their money, in my opinion!

Upcoming gigs:

31st May 2013 – The Bay Horse, Manchester

may gig

21st June 2013 – Sirens EP launch gig, Thomas Restaurant & Bar, Manchester

june gig






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