Dotty View: The Young Vanish

The Young Vanish

I came across this acoustic/folk band via mutual followers on twitter, as I do with so much music these days. We have chatted for a couple of months now, but shockingly, although I listened to the music via Soundcloud, I hadn’t purchased the band’s eponymous EP until now. Better late than never!


Someone said to me recently that it is incredibly difficult to write seemingly simple songs and to still make them sound good. Bearing that in mind, it’s given me a different perspective on what is apparently “simple” music. The Young Vanish have managed to pull it off to a high standard.

Beautiful, honest music, the writer has put his heart on the line with his lyrics, and attempts to hide nothing.

Amsterdam is pure sadness – when I first heard this song, I cried buckets. “I didn’t want you anyway, nothing left to give away since I fell in love with the girl with lonely bones.” I love that the Manchester accent is so audible – it really adds to the genuine nature of the song.

The second track on the EP, Julia, is about someone confused about where he stands in a relationship, which subsequently ends. It’s another insight into the mind of the lyricist, and I can feel and understand the pain he went through.

Next is Belljarred, my favourite song not only on the EP but of everything that I’ve heard from The Young Vanish. The change in tempo in the middle of the song is perfectly timed, and fits so well with the otherwise classic style folk tune. It’s just stunning.

Blackpool is a melancholic song about loss of a love, but it feels like there is hope within it, too. “As long as there’s sunshine out on the frontline, I think I will feel fine again.”

The sublime Welcome Home rounds the EP off beautifully. The guitar is just gorgeous – I’m almost so preoccupied listening to it that I miss the sincerity of the words. Almost, but not quite!

This EP will appeal to lovers of the acoustic style of music and meaningful, raw, genuine lyrics that come from the heart.

You can listen for free on bandcamp, and order either a digital download or download and CD via the same page.





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