Dotty View: Barne Society


Barne Society is an independent record label that was launched in 2010 by Marco Rea & Stu Kidd of The Wellgreen. Operating as a cottage industry, the label produces and releases music via The Barne Studio in the outskirts of Glasgow.

The Wellgreen released their debut album three years ago, and since then the label has recruited Blair McLaughlan and Norrie McCulloch, who are aiding the label to obtain a wider audience.

Barne Society released their first compilation album (entitled Volume 1) on 3rd May 2013, showcasing 12 artists’ tracks, most of which are exclusive to this release.


The extremely limited edition CD is unique – they’ve made the CD look like vinyl and placed it in a hand printed sleeve. It’s so cool to look at, and it only gets better when you listen!

The compilation brings together works from The Junipers, Stevie Jackson (Belle & Sebastian), and Kontiki Suite amongst others.

The Junipers:

Kontiki Suite:

It’s a must own for lovers of alternative music – a joyous listen from start to finish, and well worth the £5.00 price tag!

You can buy the CD here and contact Barne Society at





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