Dotty View: Turrentine Jones

Turrentine Jones

Formed in 2010 by Aussie Julian Neville, who found fellow band members Thomas Scotson and Rich Watts after scouring Manchester clubs, Turrentine Jones have worked hard to build a following and are now receiving the recognition they deserve.


Their style is, for me, heavily comparable to bands such as The Doors and The Rolling Stones. It’s great to hear proper rock and roll blues, complete with the inimitable sound of the Hammond Organ, in an age where modern music appears to be about moving away from traditional styles.

One of the things that attracts me to Turrentine Jones is their desire to just play their music to people. It’s as raw and simple as that. There is just no stopping them, and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to.

Their first release, the two track single Le Début, from 2012, is indicative of what Turrentine Jones are about. On Slam The Door, Neville’s distinctive vocals with that bluesy guitar (repetetive, but not lazy by any means) are just perfect. Candy Snake is lively, head-nodding blues at its best, in my opinion. This was an incredible start to the band’s releasing career.

Moving on to 2013, they have now signed a publishing deal with Rough Trade, released the video for new song Della May, and have an upcoming gig at much loved The Water Rats Theatre in London. A very promising start to the year, and I’m certain we’ve not heard the last of them!

They’re going to be huge. Mark my words! Get in on the action while they’re still relatively accessible, is my advice (although they don’t seem like the kind of people to let this go to their heads…!).







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