Dotty View: The Phantom Light

The Phantom Light

Named after a murder mystery film where a phantom light repeatedly appears at the scene of the crime, I wonder if the intention is that people feel compelled to keep coming back to listen to their music…! Well, if you’re into shoegaze indie, that’s exactly what you’ll do!

This upcoming band hailing from Swansea and Bristol have been working their way around areas local to them and their name is on the verge of filtering into the wider market. They’ve gigged with Cut Ribbons, Ellen & The Escapades and Toploader, to name but three, and have had radio play from the likes of Tom Robinson, aswell as inclusion in Dandelion Radio’s “Festive Fifty”.


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The Phantom Light have now released their debut EP, Sky Lanterns – it’s available here as either a download or CD (which is limited to 150 copies).

The title track is a dreamy, melodic delight of a song, which builds in layers as it goes on. “You know what you’re after, you know what you like”. For me, it ends too soon – that’s my only criticism!

The Greater Picture and Lighthouse On Fire both remind me a little of U2 musically, with its varied beats and distinctive guitar sound, but lyrically these are definite indie tunes that I can imagine get the crowd involved at their gigs.

Next up is A Rose In The Avalanche, which brings a change in pace and a more ambient, in places almost classical, feel. Beautiful, and anthemic.

The EP ends with D&D, an indie/electronica fusion with ethereal vocals and futuristic sounding music, ending with what would make a great old fashioned drum solo if done live!

A great band with a lot of potential!

The band have a gig on 6th June 2013 at Sherman Theatre, Cardiff (with The Keys), followed by a UK Tour from 11th to 15th September 2013.





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