Dotty View: Day One – Ordinary Man

Day One – Ordinary Man (courtesy of @driver_8_ace on Twitter through the @1palbumclub )


It’s not often I listen to an album three times in a row, especially one by a band I’ve never heard of until the first listen!

Vocals verging on rap (but – thankfully, for my tastes – not quite making it), with an eclectic mix of genres covering all eleven songs, this is a really chilled, enjoyable album.

Think PM Dawn, Galliano, and Massive Attack with many quirky twists lyrically, and you’re pretty much there.

Every song is a witty, sometimes self-deprecating, very real, story, backed by trip-hop, folky, electronic, bassy sounds.

In Your Life has to be my favourite track from the album. “Give me a smile, things aren’t that bad, are they?” A positive, supportive, uplifting song. This moves away from the more trip-hop of the songs on the album, and much closer to modern folk. It’s gorgeous, and worthy of a dedication to “that special someone”, if you have such a person In Your Life.

Overall, this album is mellow, clever, poetic, hypnotic in places, fascinating, and definitely not for everyone, but I’ve fallen in love with it!

You can buy the album here


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