Dotty View: Richey Estcourt – Rotating World

Richey Estcourt – Rotating World

What bands do the words ambient, electronica, melodic, contemporary, and synthpop make you think of? If your reply is Boards Of Canada, Moby, Kraftwerk, or even Grandaddy, then I would suggest you would fall for Richey Estcourt’s 2006 debut album, the largely instrumental Rotating World.


Having listened to this album, I feel like I’ve been on an amazing journey, starting in Japan with the uplifting and carefree “Terabyte”, which was featured on the BBC’s Collective website when it was still active.

Moving on, I’m in an African jungle listening to “How Strange”, an engaging tune which features a vibraphone and gentle tribal style percussion.

Helium is beautiful, cool and cosmic – close your eyes and feel the clouds drift past, then slowly wake, come back down to Earth and enjoy the layered beats and melodies. I absolutely love it.

The title track, Rotating World, reminds me of Jean Michel Jarre’s Rendevous and its ambient jazz feel coupled with synthpop. The lilting melody and energetic beat are a superb mix.

Parentheses is my least favourite from this album. It doesn’t really do it for me – there’s almost too much going on. The first 35 seconds and the last 15 seconds are the best parts of the tune – slow, Massive Attack-esque beats always grab me, so it’s worth a listen just for that!

Wintertheme is divine. A rich, classical set of notes with a gradual synth undercurrent. Simply beautiful. This is my favourite tune from the album.

Square Pegs incorporates clever jazz beats with a dual melody and intruiging vocals “She could be in Paris now, or on the border line.” This is a definite “on repeat” tune.

Lastly, we come to A Nightingale Sang In Warrior Square. Commencing with what sounds like an air raid siren followed by an alarm and ethnic beats, it moves into a gorgeous, light tune and adds faster percussion before coming to what is possibly the gentlest version of an abrupt end I’ve heard. This works so well, and is a delightful finish to an extremely listenable album.

So, if you’re looking for a smooth, warm, engaging, atmospheric album, then I recommend you give this a try!


You can buy Rotating World here – enjoy the journey!


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