Dotty View: Deadbeat Echoes

Deadbeat Echoes

This is a band who had an astoundingly positive 2012 – they released their debut single on the Louder Than War record label, and went on to support both The Inspiral Carpets and The Charlatans on tour, aswell as headlining their own tour.


Last year’s debut single, “Surge Of Youth” is the first song I listened to from Deadbeat Echoes. I can see why Robb would have been interested in this band. They set out their style immediately and resolutely, and they make you want to hear more.

“Invisible Enemy”, has a winning formula – Fearon’s unmistakable tones, lyrically clever – “you feel good when you look into the eyes of a pessimist”, a beat that gets the head nodding instantly… I can imagine this goes down a storm when played live.

“Forces” is immense. It’s loud, fast, and finishes quickly. No messing from the lads with this one! It’s my favourite song I’ve heard so far from them.

With a start like this band experienced last year, and songs in their repertoire such as the anthemic “No Bones” (their new single, released in March, and available on iTunes), I’m struggling to see what could go wrong for these guys… there are relentless drum beats, there are strong, catchy guitar riffs, and there is a definite passion behind everything which draws you in.

I also found a song called “Get Your Blues On”, which is absolutely superb – a cross between The Hold Steady and Ash, in my opinion, and it works.

This band have me hooked – I can’t wait to hear more from them.

If you like what you hear on Soundcloud, then you can buy “No Bones” here, or both singles on CD here. Enjoy!





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